Tom's Roadrunner


06th Apr 2009

Current Class:

Class 3

Regional track:

Mediterranean Coastal Racecourse (Europe)

Local track:

Grand Munich Racecourse



Stables Nationality:


Owners Nationality


Class Placings:

Season 7: 2nd in Class 4 Grand Munich Season 8: Winner Class 4 Grand Munich

Cup Successes:

Finalist at the Sprintershield Season 8 Winner of the Trackking Classic Cup at MEDI Season 8

History Edit

Tom's Roadrunners is a fairly new stable founded in season 7. Under the great Mentorship of Chop-Chop, the stable developped very well and could reach the second Place in Class 4 at Grand Munich Racecourse in Season 7, but declined to promote to class 3. In his second season, the stable managed to win the Class 4 Classic Open at Medi and reached the Finals at the Sprinters Shield. Also Class 4 at Grand Munich Racecourse was won this season and the stable promoted to class 3.

Remarkable Horses Edit

That's Numberwang Edit

Born: Fri 9th Jan 2009, bred from the stable Spirit Of Dulcify

Lineage: By Fem Crouching out of Empire Rose (Family Tree)

Total Earnings so far: $1,536,605

Career Wins:12 / 23 starts

This 5 years old black geldling was bought in Season 7 and reached to win the the Class 4 Classic Open at Medi

Capriccio Chamber Edit

Unknown origins, birthdate Sat 19th Jul 2008

Total Earnings so far: $1,476,548

Career Wins:14 / 25 starts

This 7 year old bay geldling managed in his first racing season for Tom's Roadrunners to reach the finals at the Sprinters Shield. Unfortunally, he could not start at the finals.

My Sweet Lady Anne Edit

Born:Fri 2nd Oct 2009, bred by Tom's Roadrunner

Lineage:By Mister Bojangles out of Stratosphere (Family Tree)

Career earnings:$124,000

Career Wins:0 / 1 starts

This 2 year old black colt is the first week one foal bred by Tom's Roadrunners and one of the most promising horses of his year.