The Magic Mile
The Magic Mile Cup

Racing Class:

Stables of Class 1 to Class 6

Class League position:

No restrictions

Horse age:

2yo to 10yo horses

Horse gender:

All genders

One runner?:

YES. Must use same horse throughout the event


Stables from the 15 Local Tracks of that Region

The Magic Mile - one of the ultimate tests of Track King Stable manager strategy and raw equine ability.

Stables from all classes throughout each Region pit their best Middle Distance runners in a war of attrition. Just One horse can be used for all three races, back-to-back over three weeks to find the best Magic Miler! This event will begin at the end of Week 2 of each season, coinciding with the Sprinters Shield.

Invitations are limited, so get in early, and plan your strategy to keep your horse in shape for the entire event!! GOOD LUCK!

Event structure[edit | edit source]

Round Title Maximum entrants Distance Stake Purse Prestige
Round 1 Mile Qualifiers 600 (24 races) Medium Invitation $200,000 Reasonable
Round 2 Mile Semi's 125 (5 races) Medium Invitation $450,000 Admirable
Round 3 The Magic Mile 25 (1 race) Medium Invitation $850,000 Excellent
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