The Lowe Guineas is a race held annually at the Sydney Harbour Racetrack, nowadays the first leg of the Guineas Triple Crown for 4-years-old horses, along with The Australian Cup and The Jewel Of The Mile. The race is also part of the Sydney Harbour Series along with The Australian Spring Guineas and The Ascot Vale Cup for 3-year-olds, The So You Think Cup for 4-year-olds, The Platinum Plate and The Up & Upcoming Star for 6-year-olds. The race was held under a 1,600 metres' distance up to Season 29 - after its Triple Crown incorporation the length was changed to 1,800 metres.

The first Lowe Guineas was won by Zonic Venom, with the first race under the Triple Crown umbrella won by Most Awesome Ever, in Season 30. At the Season 33 Kingsman was the victor, en route for winning the Triple Crown.

Winners Edit

Triple Crown Era Edit

Season Winner Jockey Stable Time Leading margin
37 Nyquist Rochelle Peques DR Stables 1:48.732 +0.529 sec.
36 Jaguar Flyer Dominga Autullo Flying Spurs 1:50.132 +0.593 sec.
35 Shadow Warrior Wayne Kinker RCS Locos 1:48.387 +0.050 sec.
34 Kingston Eclipse Niesha Cannuli Angel's Flight 1:49.145 +0.061 sec.
33 Kingsman Nickole Bushweller Manor Park Stud 1:51.044 +1.031 sec.
32 Barnstorm Nickole Femmer Junior's Farms 1:47.389 +0.066 sec.
31 Tiffy Pumper Harley Felice Spanish Main 1:50.684 +0.406 sec.
30 Most Awesome Ever Lavette Seelig Troublemaker's 1:49.704 +0.866 sec.

The Mile Era Edit

25 Hornets Nest Vida Stults Karaka Breeders 1:36.104 +0.692 sec.
21 Wild Smokey Dominique Krotzer Troublemaker's 1:36.310 +0.431 sec.
18 Great-Likes It Wet Amita Virella Greatest Stable Ever 1:37.234 +0.072 sec.
22 Verdasco Chuck Kerry Stadtler Whispering Death 1:37.290 +0.636 sec.
19 Enter Sandman Wilfred Unknow Bristol Turks 1:35.610 +0.044 sec.
23 Afternoon Shae Renita Pummell MolietsSurfer 1:37.739 +0.142 sec.
16 Chuzzle Keiko Kie Knight Rider 1:36.505 +0.249 sec.
24 No Looking Back Zada Citro Shaggy Dogs 1:37.365 +0.016 sec.
15 Stardust Myrta Mancias Pitt Steelers 1:37.154 +1.748 sec.
14 Zonic Game Changer Aimee Unga Zonic Racing 1:34.437 +0.437 sec.
Season Winner Jockey Stable Time Leading margin
29 Blue Proteus Niesha Cannuli Captaincrusoe 1:37.301 +0.313 sec.
28 Dante's Penelope Marcelo Lape Rafindale 1:34.135 +0.075 sec.
27 Dante's Medusa Marcelo Lape Rafindale 1:35.902 +0.524 sec.
26 Nova Casanova Dominick Kliethermes Angel's Flight 1:36.711 +0.851 sec.
17 Ptolemy Marchelle Yaun Riddley Walker Racin' 1:39.366 +0.129 sec.
13 Zonic Venom Athena Yagin Zonic Racing 1:37.617 +1.218 sec.
20 Misirlou Betty Cohee Bristol Turks 1:37.493 +0.382 sec.